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Tree surgery services in Bristol…

Get Safe, Expert Local Tree Surgery in Bristol

Do you need to have deadwood removed? Are you dealing with a dangerous tree? Or to do you just need your trees cared for, shaped or reduced in size? Call us in when you need professional tree surgery in Bristol:

We have a trusted team of professional tree surgeons. They’re equipped with all of the tools they could possibly need, as well as the latest safety equipment.

You can use to provide care even for large trees, up to 20 metres or 65 feet in height. We’ll remove up to 180 litres of garden waste afterwards and can also shred excess branches and green clippings.

You’ll always be left with a garden that’s nice and tidy, as well as trees which are happy and healthy.

About Us…

Why use our tree surgeons?

The Best Gardeners Bristol team is called upon by local residents and business owners because:

  • All of our tree surgeons are fully trained, qualified and insured
  • This service is suitable for trees up to 20 metres (65 feet) in height
  • Get an emergency call-out if you’re dealing with a damaged tree – we work seven days a week
  • Choose a one-off or regular appointment for general tree care
  • Call us out in all weathers, come rain and shine

Using Best Gardeners Bristol

A full assessment is the first thing your tree surgeons will do when they arrive at your front door. You’ll have plenty of time to chat about your situation with us in person and over the phone when you make your initial call too.

There are generally two circumstances in which we provide tree surgery in Bristol:

1) Dangerous trees. Here, your situation will largely determine our approach. We may have to trim back or fully remove a dangerous tree because of the damage it has sustained, particularly if it’s overhanging your roof or a pathway. If full tree removal is required, we can handle it.

2) General tree care. We regularly trim trees, creating more space in gardens and more light from blocked windows. This can include everything necessary to keep your trees healthy.

If you have a smaller tree (up to around 12 feet in height) we can care for it as part of your standard garden maintenance service.


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